Blogging: Believe in You

This is my note to writers – as a writer we all go through periods of serious blasé when it comes to cranking out material. There’s no reason to fault yourself for this – part of creating is the ebb and flow of creative process. It can’t come to you all the time, because that would be chaos in your mind and it would be hard to filter out and work with the solid ideas you have.

(The brain and chaos)

You may think you’re less of a writer if you don’t pump out new material every day, but “real” writers – Twain, Sedaris, Atwood – have all experienced mental stumps before, and are still heralded as fantastic writers.

Because, babycakes, it’s not how much content you churn out, it’s what your content says.  Don’t doubt yourself because you have to juggle life and writing.  Don’t doubt yourself because you can’t get a post out right now.  There are people in line to read what you have to say as long as it’s true to who you are, and well written.   Say what you feel.  Say what you mean.  Say what turns you on and makes you light up inside, and do it whole heartedly.  And if you don’t express your loving feelings for disco Louboutins today, there’s always tomorrow and another day to inspire people to think and believe.

If you feel that your topic has already been written, take a moment to think about what it means to you.  The reason people can write on a subject a million different ways is  because each of us have a completely different experience with that subject.  If you were to read about something from someone else’s position, you’d be amazed at how completely different their outlook is.  The only way to bridge that gap is for you to tell your tale, your truths and your own spin.  You’re looking at this post in a completely different way than the person before you – realize your unique spin and set of references by which you’ll read and comprehend.

If all else fails, a bath, a good book, writing prose, or a nice long nap are general cures my writers block.  And through it all, I believe in myself.

Don’t say that you can’t keep up, because you won’t be able to once you vocalize.  Don’t be so hard on yourself or your writing either.  We’re our own worst critics, you know.  You’re putting unnecessary stress on yourself.  Have faith in yourself, because I do.