Campaign for Clearer Sizing

Campaign for Clearer Clothes SizingNow here’s a campaign I can get behind:  Gemma over at Retro Chick has started a Campaign for Clearer Clothes Sizing. She says: “I think clothes stores should be made to put the measurements they use to cut their patterns on the labels of their clothes. They should be made to publish their size charts online in a clearly marked location (not hidden in the customer service section) and have a link to it from every garment they sell. Unhappy, frustrated customers don’t buy clothes. Customers that never go in your store because they don’t know that actually you cut clothes that would fit their non average bodies are a customer lost. So it’s in shops interest to be clearer about their procedures.”

And I agree.  It’s nuts that I can buy anywhere from a 00/XS to a 06/S-M.  And it’s nuts that when I order jeans, I can be anywhere from a 25 to a 28.  My waistline doesn’t fluctuate that much!

Which is why, when considering the new hang-tags for Deco Modiste, we decided to go with inch measurements – which means, that if the waistline is the most restricting part of a skirt (because it’s an A-line), we’ll tell you the waist and hip measurement in inches.  Or if it’s a cute jumper dress, we’ll put in the bust, waist and hip measurements in inches – because we know how ridiculous vanity sizing is.

If you’re in Seattle, you can find some of our current designs at Velouria in Ballard.  If you’re not – we’ll have the Etsy shop up shortly!  And stay tuned, because we’re working on photos of our fall pieces right now.