How To: DIY Shoe Makeover

Steve Madden wedges

The slingback

The cute peep-toe

So I have this pair of Madden wedges that are totally cute, but that I never wear.  They’re these patent black, peep-toe, slingback, espadrille style wedge.

The dilemma?  They don’t have straps, so they slide off easily.  The sling back cuts into my heel after an hour or two of wear.

So I decided, with a little prompting from Princess Poochie over at Shoe Daydreams, and my good friend Elle – it was time to make these babies over.

My goal was to give it an espadrille style ankle strap.  I wanted something that would be versatile, and had the ability to be styled a number of ways.  I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and crafts and bought a foot and a half length of approximately 2″ wide black grosgrain ribbon, and a spool of 1/4″ wide, black grosgrain ribbon.  The entire project cost approximately $10 (not counting the shoes, which I bought a couple years ago).

First, I cut my wide ribbon to length and pinned it around the back strap (after melting the edges a little with a lighter so they won’t fray) and sewed it on.

Made a loop on the back strap

I also sewed a loop on the top of the ribbon to string my 1/4″ ribbon through.  I cut lengths of the 1/4″ ribbon to size so it’d wrap around my ankle a few times.

Use ribbon as the ankle strap

So you want to see the finished product?  I didn’t tack the ankle strap ribbon down, so I can get in and out of them,  and the strap style is versatile.  They stay on nicely and look really amazing – like a pair of peep-toe patent espadrille wedges.

View from the top

Side view

A simpler way to wear them

They’re totally comfortable, and totally cute.  Yay!

For a measly $10: a foot and a half of black 2″ grosgrain ribbon + a spool of black 1/4″ grosgrain ribbon + a pair of shoes I already owned = Instant new shoes.

Have YOU done any do-it-yourself shoe makeovers?  How?  Good results??