How to: Pincurl Project

So I was telling you all how I wanted to experiment with pincurls, as a result of the old glamour shoot, and this weekend I had a little time to hang out and mess with my coif.  I looked up a bunch of examples of how to pincurl hair, checked out all the diagrams on how to space them out, and set out to make curls the old fashioned way.  What I learned: Chicks in the 30′s, 40′s and 50′s had a LOT of time and patience to dink around with their hair.

One of the better resources I had was this link to, who has a GREAT book on vintage styling.  In fact, Polly Wood from Sinner Saint Burlesque turned me on to it, and if Burlesque girls love it, you know it’s gotta be good.

I busted out all the bobby pins I own and got to work.  My hair was clean and dry, so I used a damp cloth to wet down the strands to be curled.  I made little tiny curls, which I rolled around my index finger, being careful not to twist them as I rolled.  The small curls seemed like extra unnecessary work in retrospect – the bigger curls make bigger fun waves.  When the hair was fully coiled, I pinned them down using a combination of U-pins and bobby pins, crossing the pins in an x over the center of the curl.


I did the area around my face in an attempt to do waves, and around the crown so I’d have something to hide all the hair I was too lazy to curl…



More progress.... it took ages, for a first try!
More progress.... it took ages, for a first try!

When I was finished curling and pinning, I put a scarf over my head and went about my business till they were dry.  Then I pulled them out:

Heres what they looked like when I pulled them out.  Boingy!
Here's what they looked like -  Boingy!

It had crossed my mind that this could end horribly for my ‘do that night, since I was using an event that night as an excuse to pin up my hair.  When I pulled the curls out, I immediately thought “EEP!” because they were so springy – I had to find a way to tame the curls around my face.  I pulled the back up into a twist, and then brushed the curls into semi-waves, pulling them back and pinning at the crown.  I left curly bits hanging down over the top of the twist to camouflage it, and the end result looked like this:


Not bad, eh?  It’s not *really* that retro, but it did look pretty amazing.  This is when I realized that I should have done bigger curls up front, like Miss Morgie’s  (courtesy of Rita Sue: Vintage Inspiration).  The bigger curls do create fantastic waves – and look much easier than fingerwaves  (also courtesy of Rita Sue).

Heres the outfit I wore to go with my hair...
Here's the outfit I wore....

I felt sort of retro after slapping on a little red lipstick and a pair of big old eyelashes.  I was excited to accentuate the outfit with a tatted bracelet from TotusMel and the DIY shoes from this project.  It was the perfect outfit for taking photos at Scarlet Room’s Triple Door show.

Have you ever tried retro hairstyles?  Do you have tips for a girl looking to do the same?