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Goodbye Roaring Twenties!

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AKA: the Gatsby New Year’s Birthday Party of the Century…

Three days ago I turned 30. It doesn’t feel much different than any of my 20′s aside from the fact that I know more now than I did then. However, the milestone occasion called for an amazing celebration filled with beaded dresses, bubbles and vintage furs, beautiful people and the Sorrento hotel…

Birdie's Gatsby Birthday Bash
So that night, we said goodbye to my roaring twenties, danced to shout, and counted 2012 away.  2013, I can’t wait to see what you bring.

View the rest of the photos here…

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Fashion for the Rest of Us: No Sleep Til’…..

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If you and I are friends on Twitter, you’ll remember the INSANE amount of Instagram photos I posted (along with my friend David Hoang) from my east coast trips.  I tried to capture snaps from my favorite places and document as much as possible – so I remember where to go for my next trip!

Pineapple + Hicks – Brooklyn Heights

One thing I loved was people watching – either while wandering around, or while riding the Subway.  There are a lot of super super chic ladies who ride the subway – which means a lot of outfit inspiration (and also some Vice-worthy “Don’t's”.  Would it have been super creepy to snap photos?  We’re talking denim vest, no bra, hot pants + a garter belt, with sparkly high tops and a teeeeeeeeny backpack.  David will totally agree on the weirdness factor.) .

I felt like there was some truth in saying that in New York, you can really work a “look” – style is on display and if you ever want to try a look, NYC is the place to do it.  That said, I saw a lot of “Fashion for the rest of us”.  Easy, go-to outfits for when you’re sipping an iced Americano at Vineapple in Brooklyn.  In fact, Brooklyn is where I saw this look – a look I liked so much I had to go out and find the most colorful farmer shirt I could to recreate it.  Brooklyn girls are babes.


The recipe: one super colorful checked shirt (Old Navy. Not my usual, but this shirt was perfect), one pair of slim (black) trousers (Vivienne Tam), one pair of little white flats (Vintage from Sustalux), add jewelry and accessories as needed.


I’ve been lazy and my hair is long enough now to toss it up in a messy… something.


Add a couple funny faces, and light, summertime makeup (tinted moisturizer, a little eyeliner, a little lipgloss, mascara, and a peachy bronzer).

Voila!  I like the vintagey look of this top tucked into slim pants (it feels very mid-century to me).   I also love the white-white-white accessories.  White flats, white bag, white watch, white sunnies.  High contrast, low effort.

I know someone’s wondering “How the EFF  are you wearing that in the middle of summer?!”  Lucky us, it’s 65 degrees right now.  Our little secret is that Seattle summers mean temperatures anywhere from 65-93 on any given day.  Most of the time it’s between 75-80.   Of course, we only get sun for 3 months out of the year.  Hooray!  (I love it, but I know sun-lovers don’t.)

What do you think of this Brooklyn-inspired outfit?  I say, “Thank you random subway girl for showin’ me how it’s done.”

Making the Cut – Revisiting Last Year’s Outfit Photos

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I realized this morning, that I have several folders of outfit photos that never quite made the cut onto my site.  I’m sure a lot of readers and bloggers have a backlog of decent, or even great outfits, that never see the internet.  Quelle travesty, right?  These images are from about a year ago, and it’s interesting to look at it and take note of how my style has evolved over the last year.  Also, it’s a reminder of which outfits worked – even though they never saw the internet.

This outfit is still super current, even though the photo was taken about a year ago.  In New York, I saw a ton of printed maxi dresses – the print is key -and for summer, they can be the easiest option to slip into when the temperature rises.  To make it a little less boob-a-licious, I tossed a little silk vest over the top – it added structure, without adding extra weight or layers.  It would also be great with a denim or chambray shirt.   I like to pair with flat sandals or wedges, and big statement jewelry like this Tarina Tarantino necklace.  To layer, I throw sweaters, little jackets, cardigans, and vests over this dress, as the weather dictates.

Looking back in time... A year ago, this was what I was wearing.


  • Print maxi dress - Moda International
  • Black silk vest – Amanda Uprichard
  • Tarina Tarantino heart necklace
  • Blue Lela Rose wedges from Payless

So, what were you wearing a year ago?  How do you wear it now?  Is it still current?

Hello New York!

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After 6 hours in Brooklyn I was ready to move.  It won’t happen any time soon, but a girl can dream, right?  I already have a few favorite places, and despite the SWELTERING HEAT, I’d say, “Girl, you’re alright with me!”

First things first – packing for NYC in June.

It’s been hot as hell here.  For real.

Best idea?  Collared Slouchy Tunic from Bellatrix (Nordstrom) -  It hit like 97 the second day I was really *here*. And it was awful. But I felt cuter than I would have with just a cotton tank on – I layered this over one of my Spun tanks for instant cool.  It was kind of nice because you couldn’t tell that I felt like swamp-thing underneath (read:  did your antiperspirant give up? Don’t say anything and nobody will ever know!).

My first mistake was this:  I looked at the same style top in natural fabric – silk.  I chose this top for the style, but I wished I had gotten the natural fabric for how hot it was.  I’m not sure it would have made a difference, though.

My second mistake was: TOO MUCH VOLUME!  Not really thinking, I paired it with a black cotton maxi skirt, but I bought the top in a larger size than I probably needed – for volume – and I didn’t belt it.  Not accessorizing it turned the entire outfit into a giant black/white column.

I’m sure it looked fine in person, but it didn’t photograph well.  Oops.  Note to self.

My third outfit mistake:  The pavement here gets hot.  And I wore sandals.  I found out what happens when your thin-soled, gladiator style sandals hit the hot pavement – the heat seeps through.  Cute?  Yes.  Practical?  No.  I ended up with hot spots on the bottoms of my feet (nothing a good sit, a drink, and some AC couldn’t fix).

I rate this outfit – cute, but needs improvement.  But what do I know?  What do you think?


Detail - Collared Slouchy Tunic from Bellatrix (Nordstrom), Black cotton maxi skirt (Nordstrom), White Sandals (AE).  Cleves Ring (Wendy Brandes), Black and white geometric wood + resin bracelet (Paloma Picasso for Tiffany’s), Oversized sunglasses (Michael Kors), Bombata classic laptop case, Straw boater hat with chiffon flower (Brooklyn souvenir!).

Gold Standard: RUBEDO from Tiffany’s

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Oh hi guys!

Recently, I had a note from the reps for Tiffany’s saying that the company has launched a new style in an alloy called “Rubedo”.  I’ve been seeing this line all over the place – especially on campus (where I should be documenting all the fun style I’m seeing…)

But the thing that intrigued me about Rubedo wasn’t the new styles (though… OH WOW.  I love some of the larger pieces) or the color (it’s really pretty) but the makers marks they’ve included on all the pieces.  I’m a sucker for detail – especially vintage detail – and this year, for their 175th anniversary they’ve included Tiffany’s signature on their 1837 designs.  How cool, right?!

Tiffany Rubedo 1837

The bangles are beautiful… and they have the locks that have been super popular in the last couple years.  The piece I’ve been seeing the most is this 1837 ring – both in this large width and in a standard width.  And I don’t know what it is about this rosy colored metal, but I like it (and I’m usually such a silver/platinum girl).


But this piece – the large cluster necklace was a showstopper!


And of course – I tried them on.  The rep that I talked to mentioned that generally, bangles don’t fit every girl.  However, if you’re like me, and your hands are pretty slim, you’ll probably be able to wear the Tiffany’s bangles, since they come in Small, Medium and Large.  As a girl with slimmer hands, I found that these bangles don’t slide down over your hand (which can really hurt!).  I like that they stay mostly on my wrist instead of creeping down my arm…

Tiffanys.com RUBEDO

wao 012

I really love the amazing detail – especially with the signature, since makers marks have always been fascinating to me.

Rubedo at Tiffanys.com

Find out more about Rubedo at Tiffanys.com.



Disclosure: Nope!  No gifts from Tiffany’s here – but I did get to go try on fancy jewelry, and I DO really like this collection.  

Evolution of Style

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OH MY GOD. I found this via the Lovely Dolly Dahl and I CANNOT stop watching it. It’s 100 years of East London Style in 100 seconds…

If you haven’t checked out Dolly’s blog yet, get over and do so! She’s adorable and amazing!

Also, THIS cracks me up so much – Hot Feet!

The Dress Code: Reunions

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My 10 year reunion just happened and though I did not attend (I was working.  OH! and it’s a 9 hour drive each way), I spent some time contemplating the reunion and thinking about what I’d wear if I went.

Reunions are complicated things.  On the one hand, you fear that you’ll need to impress people with how much better your life is than it was in High School.  (No brainer – it TOTALLY IS)  And you might feel the need to be able to say, “I’ve made something of myself!”  You also think to yourself, “Why would I want to go?  These people are just going to be as stuck up as they were in High School.”  But listen, it’s up to you a) to decide that you want to go and b) to decide that it’s going to be fun.  If you waltz in with an air of “you’re all assholes” superiority, you’re going to miss out on what makes these parties fun.

So, going into this, remember:  These people are just people, just like you, who’ve done wonderful things, who are loved by people, who have probably made mistakes and made up for them.  The first thing you need to put on when preparing for your reunion is a smile.  The second thing you’re going to do is put on your war face – You’re going to need to be a little brave, because I’m going to suggest you go and talk to everyone you can remember, and even some of the people you don’t remember!  The third thing I’m going to suggest is to maybe eat before hand, and don’t automatically bum-rush the bar (if there’s a bar).  Nobody wants to see you carried out to a taxi halfway through the party.  Be smart about your alcohol consumption.

Oh, and nobody wants to relive that humiliating junior prom – you remember, the one where you had a blemish the size of Vesuvius on your chin, after stressing about a gal-pal going with your ex-flame.  Take a breather, maybe book a facial a few weeks ahead of time.  It’s time to plan what to wear.

Prep School

Go a little classic for your evening event, but skip the LBD.  Instead, work in light colors, graphic accessories and a lot of charm with a bold lip.

Scene Queen

Add a lot of drama by mixing high contrast colors.  Toss in a pop of raspberry or coral to keep it fresh.  This look is great for both day-time and evening events, and you’ll totally turn heads…

Avant Garde
Go a little wild with an avant garde look – and if the outfit is a little on the skimpy side, toss on some leggings (liquid or jeggings) underneath for comfort.  Or be a complete danger-girl and rock all the leg you have.  With leggings or skinnies, wear this during the day.  Without, rock this look all night.  Smoking in the ladies room not required.

Now that you’ve got your “what to wear”, take a minute to survey the room and put on a smile.

What did you wear to your reunion?  Got any tips for reunion-bound babes?

What Came First: Fashion or The Egg…

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A play on the chicken and the egg (and inspired by Ashe Mischief’s Finance and the Fashion Blogger posts)…

I got to talking with Ashe this morning about fashion bloggers and the money we’ll spend on the things we find worth spending on.  She mused, “… Do people get expensive tastes from being bloggers or have [expensive tastes] and then become bloggers?”

Ashe mentioned that her mom always bought the best she could for the best value – growing up with quality over quantity, she notes, is one of the reasons she has such a good eye.  Out of a lineup of 20 white oxfords, her “eye will like the most expensive pair best, without knowing the designers or cost”.

white oxfords at White Lightning

Thinking about it – part of being a fashion blogger, for me, came from an obsession with what I couldn’t have, while inspirational style images peered out at me through the pages of catalogues and magazines, not to mention MTV.  My parents didn’t buy name-brand clothing (with 3 kids, who can!?).  We thrifted – and with the idea that things would be worn by at least 2 girls, even our thrifted pieces needed to be quality.  I was also involved in theater and costuming (you know, Thespian Troupe President,  and my senior portraits were voted most theatrical since I had old-timey photos taken instead of the very-posed norm).  I learned to sew.  I read books on costume history, researched vintage clothes and was always, constantly inspired.

In our small town, there was no GAP or Express.  I remember receiving Delia’s catalogues, and I bought all the teen-appropriate fashion mags I could find, circling looks and outfit pieces in each one.  This might be why I still flip through the Vicki’s catalogues, circling things and drawing moustaches on the models.  These catalogues showed me the clothes that weren’t available to me and the styles that I coveted.  I became kind of.. enamored with branded stuff.  As I grew into my tastes, I was able to weed out the styles that didn’t suit me, but have always had a soft spot for the inspiration in a well curated editorial – whether or not it was “my style”.

I worked retail when I first moved to the big city.  Through that experience, I learned about thread count, different fabrics, and differences in quality.  I saw how once-coveted items fell apart at the seams – literally.  With new shops to explore on every corner, my tastes evolved along with my paychecks.  I was still buying a lot of stuff on the cheap (often, quantity over quality), but I got tired of having to repair everything I bought that wasn’t well-made.

I find that now, I have priorities that I’d gladly spend money on.  It’s been a lot of trial-and-error, but I also a labor of love.  As I see the glint of my Tiffany heart pendant in my monitor, I realize I’ve always liked having “nice things”, not just because of the quality, but also because of the status involved.  Did blogging give me more expensive tastes?  Maybe, but I also worked in retail for years and spent a lot of time repairing cheaply-bought items and coveting things that had a certain aesthetic.  I was also exposed to so much more because I was in a more metropolitan area.

It wasn’t till I started truly blogging that I started to fill out what I thought my style should be.  Again, exposure was a key part of my growth as a blogger.  I realized that style is something you can tailor and create.  I went back to fashion magazines for inspiration, and dug out all my vintage pieces and acquired tastes.  I looked to other bloggers around me, found pieces that appealed to me and wanted things I thought I’d never afford.  Over time, I began to make more money, and my tastes evolved towards the wider market available to me.  Blogging does influence what I think is fashionable – seeing girls carrying it-bags, looking ever so stylish is an inspiration to look for my own it-bag.  Of course, I’ll always do it in my own style, whether the bag is vintage, or merely it-bag inspired.

So what gives?  Does being a fashion or style blogger instantly mean you have expensive tastes?  Or do expensive tastes turn you into a fashion blogger?  Or do your tastes and your paychecks and your style all grow together.  Does the fashion blogging world push us to spend more?  Or do we spend more to keep up?

My answer – all of the above.  A little of everything.   I’d be interested in hearing your point of view, readers.  Did fashion blogging inspire you to have expensive tastes?  Or did having expensive tastes lend to becoming a fashion blogger.

For Bonus Points, read The Chicken or The Egg Debate Between Fashion and Art

Jetsetting: Pack Light

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how to pack for vacation

"Why won't my suitcase close!?"

I know I’m not the only person who’s got travel plans for this summer, and with travel plans come great big bags and hefty baggage fees.  In order to avoid those fees, I’ve figured out a few tricks to packing light for any occasion and still look amazing.

1. Plan it out. Know where you’re going.  Know what you absolutely need.

Example: You’re going to Vegas for a weekend with the girlies.  I know this means you want to sport a different outfit every night, BUT consider this:  When you come home, everything is going to smell like the inside of a casino.  So pack accordingly.  Bring things you can mix and match, that easily go from day to night and you’ll have no problem.  Also, bring one extra outfit to travel in, so you don’t have to stew in that stink for the entire ride home.  Hell, you could even skip the day clothes for the most part because all you really need is a swimsuit and a light cover up, right?

Planning it out lets you figure out how many days/activities you need clothes for, and where you can pare down on one or two things.  And having a list of the outfits you’re going to pack means you can coordinate your kicks so that you pack the most optimal pair that you can wear all the time (or pairs, cos I often bring a pair of sandals too).

2. Keep it Simple.  Add pieces you can coordinate, like a couple lightweight solid tees.  They don’t necessarily need to be neutral, but they do need to be things that you can dress up or dress down according to your destination.

Example:  During my London trip, I had a stash of tees (a couple bright, a couple neutral) that could be worn with pants or skirts.  When we went to explore, I wore skinnies and tees with a blazer and flats.  When we went out dancing, I paired that same outfit with fun jewelry and outrageous shoes.  In the blog-world you hear so much about how you can dress up jeans and a tee, or dress down – I took that to heart when packing, knowing that staple items look good either way.  And since tees are knits, they’ll resist wrinkles and roll up nicely into your luggage.

Example 2:  A thing I read recently said bring along summery high-waisted skirts.  The author mentioned that she loved local t-shirts when traveling, and ended up wearing them tucked into skirts to make the tees less “tourist” and more like a fashion statement.  I kind of liked that idea – you get a souvenir and a stylish addition all in one.  Of course, pack accordingly if you plan to purchase local.

In the same vein, if you plan on going out, an easy “day to night” dress simplifies everything when packing. Opt for a dress you can put on for the beach or your daytime activities, then throw a blazer or cardigan over it to wear to dinner.  The same goes for your makeup – if I’m taking my makeup, I usually pick one eye palette, one eyeliner, foundation and a translucent powder (if it’s summer, maybe bronzer), and then I get creative with that combination.  One of the reasons I like buying pre-made eye palettes is that I can do that.  I can take one set, and run with it.  Think what will transition from day to night.

3.  If you want to get wild, go with accessories. Use pieces like headbands, scarves, necklaces and earrings to instantly change the mood of an outfit.  Accessories take up little space in your suitcase and when packed in zipper bags, can be stuffed into your extra pair of shoes.  They’re your key to dressing up outfits, and adding a little “flair”.  The great thing is – accessories are easy purchases wherever you are.  They’ll have awesome souvenir value, you’ll use them over and over, and they’re easy to pack into your luggage to take home.  I loooove the sunglasses I got in London (a late birthday present from my friend Sean) – I wear them all the time, and they were so easy to pack in and out.

Also, treat your bag like an accessory. I often pack a small purse inside a larger tote bag.  The small purse holds my wallet, glasses, keys, phone – and can be pulled out at a moment’s notice. It also doubles as a lightweight handbag/clutch when needed and the larger tote can be used as a beach bag or shopper.

4.  Shopping while you’re there:  If you’re going to do it, go unique.  My #1 rule of thumb is this: If I can buy it at home, why should I buy it in another country – UNLESS it is a necessary item that I cannot live without until I get home.

For example, say you forgot socks – go ahead and buy the cutest pair you find.  But say I walked by an H&M – I’m not going to shop there, because there’s one down the hill from my apartment.  When I shop, while I’m out, I will look for fun jewelry, goofy tourist tees to pair with cute outfits, etc.  And unless I’m in town only to shop, I’m not going to be making purchases that I could otherwise make at home.  Know why?  If you’re out of the country, you’ve got transaction fees and exchange rates to think about.  If I’m in the next state over – well, I don’t really need it that bad, do I?  Because it’s going to be a beast to bring back home in an already-stuffed suitcase.  I also have more money to do things (not own things) while I’m on vacation.  You know, they say people appreciate experience more than belongings.  Don’t get me wrong – I like belongings, but I can see the wisdom in saving my pennies for fun adventures.

Got any more summer travel tips – packing or otherwise?  Share ‘em here!

Waiting for the Sun

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It feels like it’s not yet summer here in the Emerald City.  I woke up this morning to clouds and cold, and put on a staple long skirt, tee and sweater to work in.  My project has been putting together photo-albums for a family friend – this time, their Switzerland trip.  I was really feeling the chill, looking through all the photos of glaciers and gray skies.

waiting for the sun outfit photo

Stepping outside about mid-project, I realized the sun had come out and the temperature had risen at least 10 degrees.  I strapped on a pair of shoes and prepared to run some errands -snapping a few photos first.

I don’t need the sweater anymore… apparently.

what I wore - waiting for the sun

Also, let’s talk about this necklace.  I received a giant box of amazing granny jewelry from a friend as a gift.  I kind of love amazing granny jewelry – and this box had some real gems!  (HA!)  Of course, one of my favorite little pieces was this clip on earring, which posed 2 problems.  A) Clip on earrings hurt.  And B) I was missing the other half of the set.  Of course, you can be creative and clip them onto other things though – shoes, skirts, belts, tops…  But since there was only one earring, I looped the clip over a spare chain I had, and have been wearing it as a pendant.  A little JB Weld under the clip will hold the clip down, so the earring doesn’t slide off the clip.  Voila!  Instant jewel party.

 waiting for the sun outfit photo

The entire outfit feels very nautical.  For my trek outside, I paired it with this white Céline bag (from Rice and Beans Vintage – she does layaway so I can afford nice things) and a pair of silver Saltwater sandals.

What I wore:

I love the maxi-skirts because they’re light for summer, but since our summers are so fickle they’re still warm enough to brave our cloudy mornings.  Also, I just love the silhouette of a long, slim skirt.   They’re one of my favorite summer pieces right now, along with this white bag, and Saltwater sandals.

Oh, by the way, Gustav says hi!



What’s your current favorite summer piece?

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