SEO Tips from SEO Pros

Recently you may have noticed the crickets chirping all by their lonesomes here at Bonne Vie.  This bird has been busy, buying textbooks, cleaning out cobwebs, and writing a lot of really insightful stuff for clients.  Learning, growing… you get the idea.  I’ve hardly had time for outfit photos, let alone a good afternoon of window-shopping.

What, you may ask, have I been writing about?  Here’s a little slice from

The top 10 social media mistakes your business is making: You need to sit down and create a social media plan, you need to engage and listen, you should address negative comments – in whatever manner you see fit, and you should research ways to measure the time you’re investing in social media.  Whether you’re a business or a fashion blogger, it’s a good idea to flip through these tips, and think about ways to improve your social media strategy.

If you’re asking, “Why do all my visitors only stay for a moment, and how do I keep them on my site?”, you may need to delve into your visitor bounce rate.  It could be your industry, it might be your content, or you may not be using target=”blank” in your URLs.  Whatever it is, this cool KissMetrics graphic shows you the factors that keep people on your page.

Are you properly using keywords?  I know for a FACT that I am not – and as a fashion blogger who wants to maintain an audience, using the right keywords on posts can make a world of difference.  Build a great keyword strategy that utilizes both specific and broader terms to really get your blog out there.

Not sure how to use Facebook as a blogger or as a business?  There’s this little thing called Edge Rank that will make or break your page, and to beat the algorithm you need to find new and better ways to connect with your users so your content is seen by more people.  Edge Rank determines the relevancy of your posts, and then decides whether or not you’re relevant enough to show to a Facebook demographic.  How do you become relevant?  Ask questions, use polls, link your blog to your Facebook page with a simple like button.  Get involved, interact and have fun.  Most of all, do more listening than self-promoting.

All this information is definitely useful, no matter what sort of website you’re running.  Stay informed and stay ahead of the curve.  And never fear, we’ll have more fashiony posts again, before you even know it!