What I Wore: Baby Bag Lady

It’s not necessarily cold outside, but I’m sitting at a desk in a damn near 65 degree office.  Sitting still for that long in that cold an environment gives me the chills, and my winter wardrobe as of late has been big on ultra-warm pieces thrown on haphazardly.  Like this outfit.

outfit post, fox fur hat, vintage maxi skirt, all saints coat

You probably remember this skirt from my Modern Vintage post where I waxed poetic about how this skirt was probably inspired by someone’s grandmother’s couch.  I think it’s probably one of my favorite weird wardrobe staples and readers agreed – strange in a very cool way.   Primary paisley brocade with oversize gold buttons.

I wore this outfit all day, just like this – though the hat was an outside-only deal because I know people in the office would totally make fun of me.  Jerks.  It’s a sorry scenario when the only way you can get your rocks off at work is to wear goofy shit and pretend you’re secretly a Russian Spy in a vintage fox Ushanka.  They wouldn’t know style if it kicked them in the kneecaps.

It’s not really a vintage Ushanka – I wish!  But it is vintage, and it came from Dana at Sustalux (who loves me).  It’s currently my favorite accessory.

outfit post, fox fur hat, all saints coat, brocade skirt

Showing off my shoes…  Miz Mooz… And I’ve been living in this coat.  It’s light enough to wear indoors without being overly warm.  It’ll be perfect for spring.

outfit post, all saints coat, fox fur hat, brocade skirt

I’m wearing:

  • Envelope collar asymmetrical walking coat from All Saints
  • Vintage paisley brocade skirt
  • Black boatneck sweater
  • Charcoal trouser socks from sockdreams
  • Miz Mooz Symphony heel
  • AMAZING hat from Sustalux!
  • Black glasses – BCBG

If you had only one ridiculous accessory in your wardrobe rotation, what would it be? I think you know what I’d pick!