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Goodbye Roaring Twenties!

AKA: the Gatsby New Year’s Birthday Party of the Century…

Three days ago I turned 30. It doesn’t feel much different than any of my 20’s aside from the fact that I know more now than I did then. However, the milestone occasion called for an amazing celebration filled with beaded dresses, bubbles and vintage furs, beautiful people and the Sorrento hotel…

Birdie's Gatsby Birthday Bash
So that night, we said goodbye to my roaring twenties, danced to shout, and counted 2012 away.  2013, I can’t wait to see what you bring.


Fashion for the Rest of Us: No Sleep Til’…..

If you and I are friends on Twitter, you’ll remember the INSANE amount of Instagram photos I posted (along with my friend David Hoang) from my east coast trips.  I tried to capture snaps from my favorite places and document as much as possible – so I remember where to go for my next trip!

Pineapple + Hicks – Brooklyn Heights

One thing I loved was people watching – either while wandering around, or while riding the Subway.  There are a lot of super super chic ladies who ride the subway – which means a lot of outfit inspiration (and also some Vice-worthy “Don’t’s”.  Would it have been super creepy to snap photos?  We’re talking denim vest, no bra, hot pants + a garter belt, with sparkly high tops and a teeeeeeeeny backpack.  David will totally agree on the weirdness factor.) .

I felt like there was some truth in saying that in New York, you can really work a “look” – style is on display and if you ever want to try a look, NYC is the place to do it.  That said, I saw a lot of “Fashion for the rest of us”.  Easy, go-to outfits for when you’re sipping an iced Americano at Vineapple in Brooklyn.  In fact, Brooklyn is where I saw this look – a look I liked so much I had to go out and find the most colorful farmer shirt I could to recreate it.  Brooklyn girls are babes.


The recipe: one super colorful checked shirt (Old Navy. Not my usual, but this shirt was perfect), one pair of slim (black) trousers (Vivienne Tam), one pair of little white flats (Vintage from Sustalux), add jewelry and accessories as needed.


I’ve been lazy and my hair is long enough now to toss it up in a messy… something.


Add a couple funny faces, and light, summertime makeup (tinted moisturizer, a little eyeliner, a little lipgloss, mascara, and a peachy bronzer).

Voila!  I like the vintagey look of this top tucked into slim pants (it feels very mid-century to me).   I also love the white-white-white accessories.  White flats, white bag, white watch, white sunnies.  High contrast, low effort.

I know someone’s wondering “How the EFF  are you wearing that in the middle of summer?!”  Lucky us, it’s 65 degrees right now.  Our little secret is that Seattle summers mean temperatures anywhere from 65-93 on any given day.  Most of the time it’s between 75-80.   Of course, we only get sun for 3 months out of the year.  Hooray!  (I love it, but I know sun-lovers don’t.)

What do you think of this Brooklyn-inspired outfit?  I say, “Thank you random subway girl for showin’ me how it’s done.”

Making the Cut – Revisiting Last Year’s Outfit Photos

I realized this morning, that I have several folders of outfit photos that never quite made the cut onto my site.  I’m sure a lot of readers and bloggers have a backlog of decent, or even great outfits, that never see the internet.  Quelle travesty, right?  These images are from about a year ago, and it’s interesting to look at it and take note of how my style has evolved over the last year.  Also, it’s a reminder of which outfits worked – even though they never saw the internet.

This outfit is still super current, even though the photo was taken about a year ago.  In New York, I saw a ton of printed maxi dresses – the print is key -and for summer, they can be the easiest option to slip into when the temperature rises.  To make it a little less boob-a-licious, I tossed a little silk vest over the top – it added structure, without adding extra weight or layers.  It would also be great with a denim or chambray shirt.   I like to pair with flat sandals or wedges, and big statement jewelry like this Tarina Tarantino necklace.  To layer, I throw sweaters, little jackets, cardigans, and vests over this dress, as the weather dictates.

Looking back in time... A year ago, this was what I was wearing.


  • Print maxi dress – Moda International
  • Black silk vest – Amanda Uprichard
  • Tarina Tarantino heart necklace
  • Blue Lela Rose wedges from Payless

So, what were you wearing a year ago?  How do you wear it now?  Is it still current?

Hello New York!

After 6 hours in Brooklyn I was ready to move.  It won’t happen any time soon, but a girl can dream, right?  I already have a few favorite places, and despite the SWELTERING HEAT, I’d say, “Girl, you’re alright with me!”

First things first – packing for NYC in June.

It’s been hot as hell here.  For real.

Best idea?  Collared Slouchy Tunic from Bellatrix (Nordstrom) –  It hit like 97 the second day I was really *here*. And it was awful. But I felt cuter than I would have with just a cotton tank on – I layered this over one of my Spun tanks for instant cool.  It was kind of nice because you couldn’t tell that I felt like swamp-thing underneath (read:  did your antiperspirant give up? Don’t say anything and nobody will ever know!).

My first mistake was this:  I looked at the same style top in natural fabric – silk.  I chose this top for the style, but I wished I had gotten the natural fabric for how hot it was.  I’m not sure it would have made a difference, though.

My second mistake was: TOO MUCH VOLUME!  Not really thinking, I paired it with a black cotton maxi skirt, but I bought the top in a larger size than I probably needed – for volume – and I didn’t belt it.  Not accessorizing it turned the entire outfit into a giant black/white column.

I’m sure it looked fine in person, but it didn’t photograph well.  Oops.  Note to self.

My third outfit mistake:  The pavement here gets hot.  And I wore sandals.  I found out what happens when your thin-soled, gladiator style sandals hit the hot pavement – the heat seeps through.  Cute?  Yes.  Practical?  No.  I ended up with hot spots on the bottoms of my feet (nothing a good sit, a drink, and some AC couldn’t fix).

I rate this outfit – cute, but needs improvement.  But what do I know?  What do you think?


Detail – Collared Slouchy Tunic from Bellatrix (Nordstrom), Black cotton maxi skirt (Nordstrom), White Sandals (AE).  Cleves Ring (Wendy Brandes), Black and white geometric wood + resin bracelet (Paloma Picasso for Tiffany’s), Oversized sunglasses (Michael Kors), Bombata classic laptop case, Straw boater hat with chiffon flower (Brooklyn souvenir!).

Gold Standard: RUBEDO from Tiffany’s

Oh hi guys!

Recently, I had a note from the reps for Tiffany’s saying that the company has launched a new style in an alloy called “Rubedo”.  I’ve been seeing this line all over the place – especially on campus (where I should be documenting all the fun style I’m seeing…)

But the thing that intrigued me about Rubedo wasn’t the new styles (though… OH WOW.  I love some of the larger pieces) or the color (it’s really pretty) but the makers marks they’ve included on all the pieces.  I’m a sucker for detail – especially vintage detail – and this year, for their 175th anniversary they’ve included Tiffany’s signature on their 1837 designs.  How cool, right?!

Tiffany Rubedo 1837

The bangles are beautiful… and they have the locks that have been super popular in the last couple years.  The piece I’ve been seeing the most is this 1837 ring – both in this large width and in a standard width.  And I don’t know what it is about this rosy colored metal, but I like it (and I’m usually such a silver/platinum girl).


But this piece – the large cluster necklace was a showstopper!


And of course – I tried them on.  The rep that I talked to mentioned that generally, bangles don’t fit every girl.  However, if you’re like me, and your hands are pretty slim, you’ll probably be able to wear the Tiffany’s bangles, since they come in Small, Medium and Large.  As a girl with slimmer hands, I found that these bangles don’t slide down over your hand (which can really hurt!).  I like that they stay mostly on my wrist instead of creeping down my arm…

Tiffanys.com RUBEDO

wao 012

I really love the amazing detail – especially with the signature, since makers marks have always been fascinating to me.

Rubedo at Tiffanys.com

Find out more about Rubedo at Tiffanys.com.



Disclosure: Nope!  No gifts from Tiffany’s here – but I did get to go try on fancy jewelry, and I DO really like this collection.  

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