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Built with the highest grade materials,the fully sealed bearing can make the unit work with higher pressure and contribute to a long product life. It’s easy to install by just following the steps above, and it’s simple to use. Just pull the trigger while the pressure washer is on and water will start flowing from the nozzle. With a sewage recovery device, it can be used in various scenarios indoors and outdoors, cold and hot water can be used, The 180-degree adjustable handle, 4 universal casters and tough bristles all help you easily operate your pressure washer scrubber.

When it comes to do some light cleaning job, it’s usually fine to use a short power washer gun. However for heavier duty cleaning job, we always recommend using longer handling pressure washer wands because they can help to keep safety distance between you and high pressure nozzle during washing operation. When working with a long wand, you don’t have to worry about the water spray angle or flow rate from your pressure washer directly. You can achieve higher cleaning efficiency by controlling the water spray easily while working on different types of cleaning jobs.

Your new pressure washer gun trigger is manufactured with high impact plastic handles and heavy duty forged aluminum safety lock. The metal construction of this trigger will make it perfectly balanced and weighted, allowing you to use your sprayer for hours with little fatigue. The heavy duty forged aluminum safety lock makes this product ideal for all users, including those who have difficulty gripping objects due to arthritis or other physical conditions.

If you are unsure about compatibility and don’t want to take any chances, it is always best practice to ask an expert who has experience helping people choose the right accessories for their machines. However, if even this step seems too overwhelming at this point in time then simply check out our guide below which gives tips on choosing compatible cleaners based off each type of machine: The difference between gas and electric pressure washers also needs to be considered when choosing a surface cleaner. Gas pressure washers are more powerful than electric ones and often have larger motors, which means that their water flow and pressure can be increased to clean surfaces such as concrete or masonry. However, the higher power requirements of gas-powered surface cleaners mean that they need to be connected to a source of electricity. This is usually an extension cord or electrical outlet near where you’re using your pressure washer. See extra details at