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Stainless steel factory by With the fast growing construction market and the more innovative global architectural decoration market, standardized Stainless Steel Decorative Sheets and Metal Fabrication Work products have become increasingly unable to meet customer requirements and current market demands, so more metal customized fabrication companies(custom metal works& stainless steel sheets manufacturers) are already forming and starting to develop markets. Read more info at stainless steel sheets manufacturers.

The purpose of the Aluminium is to provide a decorative connection or a cool seating area, some people still placed their pavilions in the forefront of the Pergola Aluminium, so they can sit in the hot summer, but do not have to under the sun. Rain. If your garden has an entrance channel, consider building an aluminium-made Izola as a tree, making the channel to the garden more natural and beautiful. You can also purchase an oversized Pergola Aluminium to suit the guest’s barbecue, bar counter or dining area.

Stainless steel screen is custom product, and there are many color types that biased toward modern stainless steel screens. We can choose rose gold, champagne gold, black titanium. If you like a thick feeling, you can choose bronze, greenish copper, red bronze, imitation brass, etc., of course, the color of the stainless steel screen can be processed is not only these few, after all, the darkness of the color is adjustable. All connection and fixation are completed interior in the product, and detachable, reused. It can be laid inside the screen frame and is convenient.

Vibration finish with PVD coating colors makes the sheet is environment friendly and never color fade.vibration finish is popular applied in kitchen decoration. Made of high-quality materials and delicately crafted using advanced technology, Topson decorative stainless steel sheet suppliers shows a touch of class and beauty. The unique performance has won warm praises from customers. After years of operation, Foshan Topson Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. has established a complete product system.

Stainless steel decorative sheets are used in a very huge range of architecture internal & external decoration. People can find stainless steel decorative sheets everywhere. Outdoor you can see exterior wall cladding, roofs, billboard, window frame, railings, logo, entrance door frame and handles, etc.. Indoor you can see interior wall decoration, partition screens, furniture, kitchen & vanity cabinet decoration, elevator & escalator decoration, handrail, even floor somewhere, etc. See even more information at

What methods are commonly used to identify stainless steel sheets material? Nitric acid point test stainless steel sheets is a significant characteristic of concentrated and dilute nitric acid has inherent corrosion resistance. This property allows it to be easily distinguished from most other metals or alloys. However, high carbon 420 and 440 steels are slightly corroded in nitric acid point test, and non-ferrous metals will be corroded immediately when they encounter concentrated nitric acid. Dilute nitric acid is strongly corrosive to carbon steel.