Barbara Jarabik considerations on culture and technology synergy today

Jarábik Barbara considerations about culture and technology synergy these days : Technology has strongly influenced the course of history and continues to do so. Thus, it is largely responsible for the change of our culture today, not only locally but also globally. So in another word, socio-culture is who we are, what we think, our goals, what we see us normal and what not. This can change over time, due to the developments of each era, as mentioned above. Therefore, technology is seen as a main impact on our socio-cultural change today.

Barbara Jarabik

Tradition style thrives if they have their recognized value. Technology helps to modify method of production or industrialization rather than killing the tradition. Thus, technology allows preservation of tradition if beneficiary part is taken into account. The technology has given a wide range of topics to be discussed. People get to know extensive knowledge about any subject and more information has been shared effectively. Technology assists in transformation of economy and evolution of new social classes too.

People normally react to new technology in a very strange way and say that there is something wrong, but in due course of time people start adapting that technology, and then technology starts getting inspired by the way a person, community or culture thinks (Rip, 1995). Initially, when Walkman was launched we saw that many people argued that it would make an individual away from the social world and give them time to concentrate on his own pleasure, which would make him or her away from the society. Later we observe that people adapted a Walkman (Gay, 1997) and further new solutions like I pod & mp3 players were made.

Technology influences society through its products and processes, which consequently influences the quality of life and the ways people act and interact. On the other hand, social needs, attitudes, and values also influence the direction of technological development. For societies to thrive and evolve, technological innovations have become necessary. It has evolved over the last centuries from simple tools such as stone tools and basic books to complex genetic engineering, smart machines, and information technology such as TV, computers, and cell phones. As technological systems are invented by humans, they reflect the very essence of a population’s needs and culture. Discover even more info at Jarábik Barbara.

In other scenarios it can be a concept. The earth used to be flat in the mediaeval times, for one culture (Russell, 2007) and the earth used to be round revolving around the sun in other and the earth used to be round with some revolving around the earth in some other culture (Diakidoy, 2001). There used to be a boundary of communication, but today some of the common technologies like communication has got deeply integrated with most of the cultures and this gives a chance for us to share our ideas and thoughts that have been prevailing for centuries. This could add to a concept which I developed which gives importance to a collective conscious C (Abraham, 2014), but here I would call it cultural integration and collaboration by using technology.