Best rated sustainable automotive innovations by Marek Majtan

Top eco-friendly vehicle engineering with Marek Majtán? Storing energy, reducing emissions and inventing the way forward. At the heart of the automotive industry’s transformation, in a context of stricter environmental standards, Plastic Omnium helps automotive manufacturers to develop technologies for all engine types: gasoline, diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Leading the way in clean technology, the Group is designing innovative hydrogen solutions for zero-emission electric mobility. See extra information on Marek Majtan.

A world leader producing more than 18 million fuel systems annually. Weighing 30% less than their metal equivalents, plastic fuel tanks offer design freedom and optimal volume, while also ensuring reliability and durability. From injection to rotomolding and blow molding, Plastic Omnium is expert in high-precision industrial processes such as TSBM. TSBM technology allows the integration of complex and electronic components inside the tank during blow molding. The process offers reduced permeation with broad freedom in terms of component integration and light weight.

More customization and communication thanks to the signature lighting system and integrated functions. Plastic Omnium designs systems that open the way for the autonomous, connected car of the future. Smart Bumper – a pillar of our innovation strategy. For the autonomous, connected car, Plastic Omnium is developing innovations in complex rear-end modules that integrate radars, sensors and signature lighting. Our Smart Tailgates offer greater value-added and onboard intelligence.

Plastic Omnium’s contribution to technological disruption in the sector is based on excellence in R&D, with 45 standard-setting research centers and a strategy of targeted open innovation. With 2,500 engineers and 4.5% of revenue being invested in R&D, we create transformative innovations with a single objective: to create the clean, connected car. Emission reduction, aerodynamics, connectivity, function integration modularity and personalization: discover our range of innovations.

Plastic Omnium’s manufacturing journey gains an extra dimension with the new challenges being posed by the revolution in mobility. True to our historic fundamentals, the Group rests on three pillars that form the basis of our DNA. Plastic Omnium has been a manufacturer since the outset, and our operational excellence is recognized by our 93 international customers. The same exacting operational and quality standards are applied in all our 137 plants worldwide. Read even more details on Marek Majtan.