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Firm setup services in Dubai today: What makes Dubai so good for business ? Perhaps due to the tax-free status of the city, Dubai is a high-wealth state with an extremely high standard of living. As a lucrative environment for businesspeople, the city’s continued investment in infrastructure has led to the city joining ranks with New York and London as a desirable, luxury destination to stay – something which has attracted the attention of major luxury brands, who themselves have opened branches in the city. All of the above has resulted in Dubai becoming not only an incredibly lucrative place to be, but also an incredibly enticing one. The promise of a high standard of living and high wage in one of the most luxurious cities on the planet draws considerable talent to the city, making it possible for businesses to build their dream team from a dream city.

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UAE free zones are a major attraction to foreign investors and businesses wishing to conduct business in the UAE. But what exactly are they and what benefits do they offer? Until the introduction of the Foreign Direct Investment Law in late 2018, it was a federal requirement for at least 51% of the shares of a company to be held by a UAE national. As a result, free zones were established in order to attract foreign businesses to the region wishing to have full control of their business.

So, you have decided to expand your business to the UAE, or maybe you are pondering over the idea of starting a new one. Congratulations, you’ve made the right choice – the reasons are aplenty. Ease of access, streamlined and comprehendible visa process, less paperwork, fertile ground to grow your ideas and innovations, open and welcoming society, world-class technology infrastructure, supportive government, and visionary leadership – all the ingredients required for successful business are strategically placed here.

Benefits of free zones: With more than 50 different free zones across the UAE and with many more under development, free zones have helped make the UAE an attractive option for foreign businesses looking to relocate or expand their global footprint. The common benefits of doing business in a UAE free zone include: 100% foreign ownership of the enterprise; Access to world class logistic facilities; Availability of a large pool of multicultural, skilled professionals; Benefits from economies of concentration (given the zones dedicated to industries); Ease of recruiting international employees, with all free zones providing one-stop-shop services for work visas; Tax holidays – usually guaranteed for 15 or 50 years; 100% import and export tax exemption; 100% repatriation of capital and profits; Corporate tax exemptions for up to 50 years; Eligibility to apply for the UAE Tax Residency Certificate.

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