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Affordable Costa Rica snorkeling trips 2022? We conduct our scuba diving courses to the highest training standards and you can be assured that our training is well worth the price. Please note that all prices are final, meaning there are no additional fees. At Costa Rica Divers we are dive professionals, but most of all we are passionate about the ocean. Our dive center is located in Uvita and our trips start from there. Diving in Uvita is a great way to spend an active day. But if you’re not a diver, we also offer snorkeling, whale watching and our best tour – the Corcovado Combo Tour, where you can see three national parks in one day! Discover additional information on

Costa Rica is a privileged country as it has access to two oceans. In the West the Pacific Ocean and in the East the Atlantic Ocean, with 15.69% of its marine territory under conservation. Both oceans are separated by a 322 km strip of land. This means that Costa Rica, despite being a small country, has a great marine biological diversity. The Pacific Coast stretches from Guanacaste, on the Nicoya Peninsula, to Punta Burica in the South. It has a total extension of 1016 kilometers made up of beautiful beaches and bays. The Pacific coast is beautiful. The best places for diving in Costa Rica are in the northern and southern part of the Pacific side.

Shark cave – Costa RicaAlso known as Cueva Del Tiburon, the Shark Cave is an exciting dive spot that features a small cave that is home to sharks. It is best that you not enter the cave and disturb the habitat of these carnivorous creatures. Other than sharks, you also get to see up to five different types of eels and other marine life such as damsels and the parrotfish. Now you may be wondering why I am repeating myself here. Actually, the thing is that El Bajo del Diablo Deep is considered a different dive site in its own right. This is where divers move further into the ocean where depths can range from 6-115 ft. Advised only for advanced divers, this is the place where the big divers play. Due to stronger currents and deeper bottoms that can exceed depths of 80 feet, you are bound to encounter a plethora of predators as well as pelagic life dwelling in these waters.

Does Costa Rica have coral reefs? In Costa Rica, coral reefs can be found on both coasts, namely the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. However, some coral reefs in Costa Rica have been damaged by global warming. The Costa Rican government, with the help of local divers, has introduced programs to protect and restore coral reefs. You too can help and get involved in coral reef conservation programs. Does Costa Rica have good snorkeling? Water sports in Costa Rica are not only diving or scuba diving courses, but also snorkeling. This is great fun for the whole family, and it is definitely worth going snorkeling to see the beauty of the underwater world first hand. You can even try snorkeling on the beach, you just need a mask and snorkel. However, the best snorkeling spots are often the same as the best scuba diving spots in Costa Rica. These are places where you can encounter interesting animals and you don’t have to dive deep. All you have to do is dip your face in a mask and snorkel. This is why snorkeling is a great way to spend time with your family. Read additional information at

Where are the best diving spots located in Costa Rica? The best places to practice diving in Costa Rica are in the Pacific. They are the Catalina Islands, Bat Islands, Cocos Island and Caño Island. Among these, Isla del Caño is the most recommended dive site because the price of diving there is affordable, the place is incredible and does not require advanced diving licenses. In addition, it is closer to the capital, and the amount of marine life that can be seen is truly impressive.

Approximately 550km away from the mainland, the Isla del Coco is administered by Costa Rica. The entirety of the island has been a Costa Rican National Park since 1978, and as such there are no permanent inhabitants other than park rangers. This island is an ideal spot of scuba divers, and amongst various venues, there are two that stand out the most.Costa Rica ‘dirty rock’ : Reputably the most beautiful dive set and also the most famous at Cocos Island, the Dirty Rock is where you can get to see schools of hammerhead and Galapagos sharks along with green turtles and eagle rays. You will also encounter octopuses and large schools of fishes in this area. Discover more details at