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Premium 3D design technology Canada school from Thinnox School: THINNOX STEAM School is accredited to offer credit courses toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) & expanded the Specialized STEAM High School to help achieve students the personalized University /College REACH-AHEAD TED pathways through Effective Portfolio Requirement for Post-Secondary application. ThinnoxCloud offers K-12 TECH, Engineering & Design Courses/ Camps, that are Personalized, High Quality, Self-Paced, Collaborative and Student Centered. See additional information at Thinnox STEAM.

Students that have had a head start in the principles and techniques looking for deep expertise in 2D and 3D animation AFM offers a unique, hands-on training experience that takes them through every step of the Animation & Live Action film making process. It starts with idea conceptualization, script writing, background and character development, animation or film production & stretches into post production. The emphasis of the course is four fold: a solid understanding of the principles of Animation & live action film making; supreme comfort in using various tools of trade, including industry standard software and hardware; thorough understanding of the Animation & live action film making process and lastly, how best you could contribute to Animation & Film Making careers or how you could transfer animation & live action film making skills to other trades.

More advanced levels include programming, computer aided design and welding. STRIDE Engineering foundational program dovetails with offerings in Vex and Lego based platforms. The program puts additional emphasis on demonstrating mathematical competency that you need to master in order to do well in an increasingly technology-driven world. Additionally, you learn critical 21st century life skills, such as collaboration, creativity, communication, problem solving, project management, and critical thinking.

Architecture and Interior Space Design is a preparatory program designed for students who have a passion for space and/or intend to pursue an education and career in Architecture and Design. This program introduces you to building design, and design presentation methods. It develops your artistic sensibilities through manual and digital design techniques. Through your hands-on involvement with several projects the program enables you to recognize what an architectural idea is and how it can be further developed and treated. In the studio, you become familiar with the techniques and concerns of designers by drawing, model making, and proposing designs for several projects. At the close of the program you are provided opportunities to display your work to a wider audience.

The THINNOX learning experience is significantly different from what is offered at other educational institutions. Starting with self-discovery you find the meeting point between your natural talent and passion and build your short and long term educational goals accordingly. You take a deep dive into subject fundamentals, learn how stuff works and what you could do with stuff. You make choices, decisions, learn from mistakes as you drive your educational journey through firsthand experience gained from executing a wide range of projects of varying complexity. You complete your experience by realizing the goals you set out to achieve and finding the platform to display your achievements to the world! See extra information on interface design Canada school.