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Flexible Motorized Roller Conveyor is an extendable powered automatic roller conveyor with controllable conveying speed & direction and adjustable supporting leg height. Having enough power supply by one mini motor per section, it is well qualified to intensively transport goods especially with flat bottom in the warehouse/storehouse, workshop, factory, harbor, dock, etc. In addition, it can be applied to such situations as production-packing line, temporary conveying line and goods distribution line. It satisfies the easy, quick and efficient goods delivery.

About eighty percent of the energy of the belt conveyor is consumed in the friction loss. The most effective way to reduce the friction loss is to use the non-contact belt conveyor, which requires only 20 percent of the motor power of the ordinary belt conveyor. Future models should be closely related to the microcomputer, suitable for program control, intelligent operation. Material loading and unloading, machine installation and maintenance should be able to achieve intelligent management.

Flexible Extendable Conveyor can be quick manoeuvre in or out of trucks/containers for faster, safer, easier loading and unloading materials. The flexible conveyors allow you to move the load and discharge points of a conveyor application by rolling the conveyor and curving its sections to fit your exact needs. The flexible roller conveyor series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers.YiFan conveyor factory has the ability to meet different needs. We can provide you with the difference types and specifications roller conveyor. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable.

With the upgrading of science and technology, the development path of the belt Conveyor needs to be changed in the future. When the technical personnel of the Conveyor are debugging the Conveyor, the performance of the belt Conveyor should be taken into consideration from many aspects. Following is Yifan Belt Conveyor Supplier to introduce the transportation and debugging method of the belt Conveyor. If there is a large sound at the bearing seat, it is necessary to do further inspection immediately, in order to effectively avoid more serious problems with the belt conveyor. Not only that, belt conveyor also frequently appears at the coupling two shafts noise. The main reason for this problem is that the high-speed end of the drive device is in normal use, and the coupling of the reducer and the motor is issued. However, this noise is often accompanied by very strong motor rotation vibration, which must be examined in depth in the first place.

According to the different structural features, conveyors can be divided into conveyors with flexible traction members and conveyors without flexible traction members. The working characteristics of conveyor with flexible members are that the material or goods are conveyed in a certain direction by the continuous movement of the traction members. The traction member is a closed system of reciprocating cycle, usually a part of the transported goods, another part of the traction member back, common belt conveyor, slat chain conveyor, bucket elevator, vertical lifting conveyor , etc. See additional info on