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High quality gaming accessories in 2023 from Whatever your gaming setup is like, having a good few gaming accessories can really elevate the experience and we’ve picked out ten of the best gaming accessories you can get your hands on. From headsets to keyboards, to mice and beyond, these are some of the best gaming accessories that money can buy. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re expensive, just that they’re more worth what you spend than lots of other options. Most of these accessories we’ve tested ourselves, while a few others were highly recommended by colleagues and friends. Whatever accessories you might need or want for your own gaming setup, these should do the trick. Also worth noting is that the accessories listed here are not for any one platform. Read more information at keyboard switch types.

We were instantly blown away by the power and punch of these speakers. Tested second to last, the jump in class was immediately obvious. Strong stereo separation makes for good positional sound in games. Voices come through loud and clear, whether it’s in-game chat, a movie, or a video call. But it’s with music that the Audioengine A2+ shows their quality and superiority. There’s a real depth and accuracy to the sound with a rich clarity from low mids through to the higher registers. They may lack a little extra depth in the bass, but they produce a finely balanced and impactful sound, and you always have the option of adding a subwoofer. There’s also no digital signal processing (DSP) here, which can dampen things and is present on most of the other speakers on our list. Connectivity is versatile with USB, dual analog inputs, and support for Bluetooth 5.0. It’s quick and easy to connect wirelessly and support for aptX and AAC codecs (a rarity in PC speakers) ensures high-quality audio when streaming. There are no superfluous extras; the Audioengine A2+ focus on delivering excellent sound in a compact, unfussy package that’s perfectly sized for the desktop. The only obvious omission is a remote control, but that won’t trouble most people. One issue we did encounter was a major jump in volume when switching between sources, so that’s something to watch out for.

I’ve been using this keyboard for the past few months and aside from its lack of compatibility with the PS5, this is one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards you can buy right now. The lightspeed wireless technology makes for a fast connection to your PC, and helps to reduce the amount of latency between your key presses and the game response. It also has the ability to effortlessly switch between the lightspeed-connected device and a Bluetooth-connected device at the push of a button. Other things like the volume scroll wheel, and dedicated media playback controls are even more reasons to love this keyboard. But most of all, the battery life and build-quality are what make this the keyboard to beat. While it’s not the only great gaming keyboard out there, it currently stands at the top. If there was one or two things that could be improved though, it would be support for the PS5 via Bluetooth, and the use of USB-C instead of micro USB for the cable connection when charging.

The Razer Seirēn X is an affordable and high-quality USB mic, ideal for streamers who are beyond headsets and want something a bit more professional. It’s essentially plug-and-play, designed well to be portable, and will pick up good vocals without the need for much post-production for secondary uploads. However, despite being frontward facing you can still often hear keyboard and mouse noise and the bass and low mid-range could be better. For $99.99 MRSP though, we’d say it’s one of the best at this price point. Design-wise, it’s as small as a soda can and looks professional in black (not overly-gamer), though you can always go for the pink model if you prefer to stand out. It is also well made and sturdy to absorb shock and desk juddering, and you can change the volume and mute controls with a dial and button on the mic itself. The specs are what you’d expect at this price; one supercardioid polar pattern, 16-bit bit rate, and 48KHz sample rate. As noted, its background cancellation is not great, but it’s only immediate noises that it’ll pick up, not people chattering downstairs. Ultimately, for gaming and streaming on a budget without being called out by your friends for sounding like a robot, there’s a lot to like about the Razer Seirēn X.

Gaming laptops come from the factory ready to power your favorite games, and you’ll be able to get by with just the PC and AC adapter. However, the laptop’s touchpad isn’t great for any action gaming, the keyboard might not have all the keys you need, the speakers might not provide the sound you need, and the display might not be large enough. We recommend picking up an external mouse first, in which case the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro or the Logitech G Pro Wireless are top options. A wireless controller can also be used, and the latest Xbox version is one of the best.

This is an expensive monitor for a 24.5-inch 1080p display, but it’s far from the most expensive, and it’s a good value given its specifications and performance. Because of its small size, its 1080p resolution will look great in any game, and also makes it easier for your gaming PC to achieve high framerates in games. Although the design’s spindly stand and oversized lower bezel won’t be for everyone, the display is well built and feels rock solid. The stand is small but balanced and adjusts for height, tilt, swivel, and pivot. The monitor also offers two USB ports along its left flank. Acer even provides a two-year warranty, an advantage over the one-year warranty on most monitors. The Gulikit KingKong 2 Pro Wireless controller ticks every box for what to look for in a good PC controller. With an elegant matte black body and glossy silver accents, it exudes quality. We liked the KingKong 2 Pro’s grippy soft-touch plastics, which made it comfortable to use for long play sessions. The Hall Effect joysticks Gulikit used feel precise and won’t ever suffer from stick drift, as input is determined via magnetic fields instead of relying on mechanical resistance. This also eliminates dead zones, resulting in pixel-perfect sensitivity.

Razer’s Huntsman Mini is an outstanding 60% keyboard option for those who want something more compact. It’s available with red switches with 1.2mm actuation distance and 48g actuation force, giving you a leg up over the competition. It’s built well, it features Razer’s customizable Chroma RGB, and it comes in Black or Mercury White colors. A lot of PC games can be played with a controller, and there’s really nothing as good or as seamless to use with Windows as an Xbox Wireless gamepad. It’s easy to connect, it’s comfortable to hold, and it’ll make you forget about your mouse and keyboard. Choose from a bunch of different colors and designs to best suit your style. Read even more details at

The types of games you play will also determine what gaming gear you require. First Person Shooters need the precision of a gaming mouse and surface, while third-person adventure-style games are fine with a USB control pad or regular mouse and keyboard. Likewise, to get the most out of flight simulators or racers, you might consider yokes or wheels. Dedicated MMO players might even go for a keypad. If you want to verbally interact with others during online gaming, a headset is a must-have. Streamers might want to up the quality of their mic to something standalone Online gaming obviously requires an internet connection, but it also needs to be stable, have a good Wi-Fi range (though preferably your gaming PC should be wired), and ideally have multiple frequency bands and bandwidth prioritization and efficiency technology so your game doesn’t lag. That’s where a gaming router or at least a good regular router helps.